5 Ways To Naturally Reduce Anxiety

5 Ways To Naturally Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental condition where you feel unease, like worry or fear that can be severe or mild. For instance, you may feel anxious and worried about having a medical test, sitting for an exam, or a job interview. You should consult an anxiety specialist in Dubai if you have severe anxiety issues. There are many other ways to reduce anxiety naturally. Some of these include journaling, meditation, chamomile tea, and aromatherapy. These remedies are safe and effective and can be used to treat your anxiety.


One of the best ways to reduce anxiety naturally is through journaling. It helps you identify your worries, explore possible solutions, and manage your feelings. Besides, journaling also improves your mental well-being. It is also an excellent prevention strategy. Using a journal can help you manage your schedule and your commitments.


There are several ways to meditate to reduce anxiety. One way is to focus on your breathing. Try to take a few deep breaths each time you feel anxious. Another is to reflect on an experience that brought up the anxiety.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea has many benefits for the body, including helping with relaxation and anxiety. Some studies have even shown that chamomile can help with depression and insomnia. Although it is not as potent as pharmaceutical drugs, it has shown significant results in people who suffer from these conditions. One study showed that chamomile significantly reduced symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.


Aromatherapy is a simple therapy that helps relieve stress and anxiety. The best way to use aromatherapy is to purchase essential oils and diffuse them into the air. To use essential oils on the skin, dilute them in a carrier oil that is friendly for the skin. The recommended ratio is two drops of essential oil per tablespoon carrier oil. Before using essential oils, you should perform a patch test to see if they will irritate your skin. You can also diffuse essential oils by adding a few drops to a diffuser and breathing them in.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is necessary for good health, and numerous studies have linked low serum 25(OH) D concentrations with depressive symptoms. Although the relationship is not conclusive, supplementation with vitamin D may prevent the development of symptoms of anxiety and depression. A deficiency of vitamin D can be associated with various other health issues, including a decline in mental and physical functioning.