The Concepts Of Interior Design

The Concepts Of Interior Design

The central theme that all the design elements focus upon is called interior design concepts. There are various interior design concepts. One of the most important concepts in interior design is juxtaposition. It helps the eye appreciate the difference between two things. For example, if you have a house that is made entirely of squares, adding a circle in the middle adds visual interest. Good interior design consultants in Dubai will also pay attention to supporting details.


Contrast is an important design element because it not only provides visual interest but is also functional. It adds dynamism to a room and makes certain design elements stand out. It is a principle used in various spheres, including art and fashion. Contrasting elements are complementary to one another, and they should work together to create a harmonious space.


Lines are an important part of interior design. They can create visual interest by creating patterns. You can create these patterns by using repeated shapes, such as square pillows. You can also use lighting fixtures to add to the effect. Learning how to utilize sight lines in interior design can help you achieve the desired effect.


Adding patterns to your interior design is an exciting way to add visual appeal and style. However, you should not limit yourself to using patterns on wallpaper or upholstery. You can incorporate patterns into rugs, soft furnishings, sofas, and even ceiling styles. The key is to select patterns that suit the function and style of the room, as well as the room itself. You should also choose patterns that blend well with existing themes.


One of the key principles of interior design is rhythm. By using contrasting elements, you can create a pattern that is repetitive and creates visual interest. For example, you can contrast the shape of a sofa with the curve of a bay window. The same principle applies to colors. For example, red and green create rhythm by leading the eye from a green garden to a red door.


Scale is a vital component of interior design. It refers to the relative size of an object to other objects in a room. By understanding the proper proportions, you will be able to balance various elements in space while keeping everything functional and comfortable. For instance, a dining table should not be taller than a person’s head.